Orphaned Gorilla For Sale
Foto:    KA001074 (RM)   - Orphaned Gorilla For Sale -   © Karl Ammann  /  CORBIS

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    « Now, you cannot say, you have known nothing about it »
        Karl Ammann


Orphaned Gorilla For Sale

before all
most of all – deeply touched


cruelty done
to creature
a child in a box
cardboard box
parents on the grill
shirt from dress-donate
no understanding
nothing but surviving
deep black is hair
deep black despair
deep black
hands and feet
and countenance

these eyes
child of innocence
defenceless in the hands of strangers
the murderer are eating
the warmth of the mother
the protecting father

little gorilla brother
little gorilla sister
hand in hand
with millions of kids in this world
this world is constantly loosing
what it means to be civilisized

at stock exchange
they negotiate
basic living to survive

at stock exchange
looses innocence

at stock exchange
they deal best price
every existence

you and me – them and they
all creature included
together only we are - man


(c) Isaak Bandomir | Helmut Preller
without words - deeply touched
Hommage a Karl Ammann

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