Starseeker        (c)Helmut Preller


ALL THE BEST FOR 2009 - 2010              | german version >|

questions that remain

what can I know
what can I do
was shall I hope
what is man

for this asking
there is but one
and only foe
a fear of freedom
freedom daily new

questions that remain

still on the way
a little mildness
of those that are near
care and helping hand
and a smile like home

courage then abides

answer’s coming
“… ye shall know
the truth
and the truth
shall make you free …”

answer's remaining
a promise is a promise
we all are counted
we all are weighed
… no one is missing

(c) Isaak Bandomir | Helmut Preller
Holiday & New Year 2009-2010
Hommage an die Weltverbesserer | WorldBetterMaker
4 lines from Rudi Dutschke †1979 Christmas Eve

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